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Our People

Meet John & Pat

This month we’d like to introduce you to John and Pat, our Valentine’s King & Queen, and our Summit Oaks sweethearts.

John and Pat have been married for 64 years and raised 4 beautiful daughters. John spent his life as a manager of training operations on the railroad and Pat stayed home to take care of their lovely children. When asked the secret to a 64 year marriage Pat said “John worked out of town a lot, so we missed him while he was gone and we were so excited to see him when he returned.” John is a pillar in our community here at Summit Oaks and he says “Since I was a manager I’m nosy and like to make sure things are running smooth around here.” Thank you John for keeping us on track, we are so thankful to have both you and Pat!

Meet Fay

Fay is one of our Sodalis Summit Oaks residents. She is a fantastic mother of six, and has raised many more adopted children throughout her life. In the past, she worked as a Tupperware Unit Manager and was the top seller in the nation! In 1979, she was featured on the cover of Our World magazine and was named Builder of the People for her accomplishments at Tupperware.

In her free time, Fay enjoys singing and spreading the word about what a great place Summit Oaks is to live. Whether she is at church or at her weekly visits to the Senior Center, Fay raves about us and how much she loves living here. Every time we have a tour, the visitors are sure to mention that Fay recommended them. She has already convinced her brother Ray to move in next door to her! Fay is a great pillar in our community and an Ambassador at Summit Oaks. We are proud to have her!